Basaltic lava is very thick and flows slowly. When cooled rapidly, its cellular networks form astounding hexagonal columns. Basalt is a rock that can lie happily at unbearable temperatures as well in the cool depths of our oceans, where it comprises majority of the Earth’s crust.


Basalt is also extremely useful right here on Earth and it is an excellent material for preserving heat. Nowadays, basalt is used in beauty care, massages with hot stones (basalt stones) and also as an alternative to fibreglass. Even the ancient Romans used basalt in road construction and, voilà, these roads are still functional today!


The unique weaving technique used in the creation of MAFFAM FREEFORM products is extremely demanding and there is currently no technology available that allows for an automated manufacturing of this type of furniture, meaning that each piece is hand made from beginning to end, thus allowing for the emotions of the weaver to become part of the design. As a result, each design is unique, each piece of furniture is different and each lace pattern - irreproducible.